Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

We had a Hobby Lobby open up an hour away from us. Addison and I were in that town for some doctor and dentist appointments and decided to check out the store.  Of course we couldn't leave empty handed, but I also didn't have a craft in mind before going into the store.

While browsing, I found a two pack of canvases.  I remembered a cute picture I saw on Pinterest.  We quickly picked out paint and some foam brushes so we could make it when we got home. The original pin was just a picture, so I just looked at the paint color to pick out the hues that I liked best. 

Addison absolutely loved this project. She was so excited to paint on the large canvas, instead of just paper.  She is so goofy sometimes and decided she had to wear her hood from her winter coat while she was painting. 

We used two different shades of blue and one white acrylic paint for the background.  I picked up a four pack of foam brushes, so we would have a separate brush for each color.  Once the background was dry, I painted the inside circle of the sun with yellow and orange acrylic paints. Then I painted Addison's hand with the yellow and orange, about half and half. We then pushed down on the canvas around the sun to make the rays. 

I then used a pencil to free hand  a rough outline of the words. Then I used a paint brush and black acrylic paint to paint over the pencil marks. 

I love how this turned out. I think it is one of my favorite projects we have ever done! I have this hanging at the end of my hallway. It makes me smile every day. 

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