Thursday, August 15, 2013

Frozen Banana Bites

I've said it before, I always have an over abundance of bananas in our house. They are usually ones that need to be used soon, or ones that are too ripe and I freeze for making muffins or bread later.

I saw this pin for frozen banana bites and thought they looked interesting. I had everything on hand and thought they sounded like an easy snack.  I decided to just use one banana, even though the recipe called for four. I didn't want to use that many in case I didn't like them.

They were really easy to make. I sliced the banana into slices that were a little less than an inch thick. I just made sure to have enough slices to make sandwiches. You then spread peanut butter on one slice and cover with another. Freeze the little sandwiches for about an hour. Then dip in chocolate and freeze again.

I thought of a couple of things while making these that would make them easier. I found the peanut butter kind of hard to spread on the slices. I think freezing the slices for 15 minutes or so might help with that.  I would also wait to take the sandwiches out of the freezer until the chocolate was melted. By the time my chocolate melted, one side of the bananas started to thaw and it made it really hard for the chocolate to stick on the last few that I dipped.

You can tell the ones where they were thawed just by looking at the picture :)

I was really surprised with how these tasted. They actually had an ice cream consistency, I felt like I was eating a little mini ice cream sandwich.  Addison also really liked these.  I will definitely make these again trying my changes.

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