Monday, May 13, 2013

Banana Split Muffins

It's no surprise that we love muffins! I've posted other recipes in the past:

I found the recipe for these Banana Split Muffins on Pinterest. One night while watching TV I saw a commercial for Frosted Flakes.  It brought back childhood memories of this cereal being a once in awhile sugary cereal treat.  I bought a box and needless to say, I'm not feeling the love as an adult!

What is one to do with a full box of Frosted Flakes?  I found lots of recipes when searching, rice krispie type treats, a coating for chicken, but decided to try these muffins. 

Addison was a big helper.  i love that she has my joy of baking.  I followed the recipe pretty close, but left out the walnuts and added 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips instead.

The only sugar in this recipe is the crusted Frosted Flakes. If I ever make these again I think I would add some brown sugar.  

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