Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin

I love that Addison is into crafts. She is always asking to "do crafts". She has her own craft bucket that we keep supplies in.  One of my friends gave her a ton of pipe cleaners last fall and we still have a lot left. 

I searched online to find a cute pipe cleaner craft. I found one for Christmas ornaments and suggested it. She told me "mom, Christmas ornaments are not for fall." I guess she told me.  I ended up finding this cute pumpkin craft on another blog called My Little Gems. You can find the directions here, we made it exactly the same way. My Little Gems Pumpkin  We didn't have any brown pipe cleaners so we used black instead. 

We both love how it turned out.  Now I want to get out my fall decor.

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