Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Belly Ornaments

The last couple of years we have made ornaments for Addison to give to her teachers at school and her grandparents. We keep one for our tree too.

This year we made Santa Bellys.  She really didn't get too involved with this one since I had to use hot glue.  I bought the ornaments last year on clearance. Then I cut a piece of felt into strips that were 3/4 inches wide. I used gold pipe cleaners for the buckle. I hot glued those onto the felt and then the felt onto the ornament.  On the back I used black permanent marker to write her name and the year.

I think they turned out really cute.

Here she is showing one of them off.


Anonymous said...

So very cute! I'm tucking this idea away for next Christmas! Great job!

Gray Cardigan said...

I love these! I love anything that looks like Santa's belly. Thinking I will try these sometime next year. Thanks for sharing!