Thursday, December 3, 2009

Custom Resuable Bag

I saw this idea last year in an issue of Family Fun. I bought the iron on paper last year but never had a chance to do the project.

I picked up a reusable bag at Joanne Fabrics. I love their bags, they are big, have a cardboard piece for the bottom, and velcro to keep it shut. Plus they are $1. Can't go wrong with that!

Then I cut a piece of printer paper in half and drew two pictures on them. Then I let Addison color them in. After she was done, I scanned the pictures in as one sheet again. I printed it on the iron on paper and cut it in half.

I followed the directions on the iron on paper that I uesd . One word of advise is to really have your iron on low. It says the lowest cotton setting, well I burned a little hole in my bag. But I wanted to see how it would turn out so I finished it anyway.

I'm definitely going to be picking up more bags so I can use these as gift bags for all of the grandparents. They are not only getting a bag that they can use but one that is personalized.

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{ L } said...

This bag rocks! What a fun idea. LOVE it. :)